License Agreements

While provided free-of-charge, all of the downloads on this page are subject to license agreements. You will be asked whether you accept these licenses during software installation. The software will install only if you express your agreement.

Student/Demo Software Downloads  (Updated January 02, 2017)

Note: Those of you who run Avast Antivirus software may experience "Evo-Gen [Susp]" errors with the download below.  If you are using Avast, you should temporarily disable it, download the installation to a file, manually perform an Avast scan, and reenable Avast.  "Evo-Gen [Susp]" false positives are rampant on the Internet.  We have reported our problems to Avast.

Click here to download the Student/Demo versions of SLX, GPSS/H, P5, and P3D.

Note: We no longer distribute separate demo viewers for Proof.  Student Proof 5 and Student Proof 3D can be used to view Proof 2D/3D demos.

Private Downloads

Links posted in this area are to password-protected files to be used only upon direction from Wolverine.