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A look at GPSS/H's outstanding features will tell you why it's been a leader in the simulation industry for over 25 years

Transaction-Flow World-View

GPSS/H's transaction-flow world-view provides a very natural and powerful way of describing systems.

High Performance

GPSS/H provides lightning fast compilation and execution of large models.

Language Flexibility

You can use math formulas, expressions, indexed resources, or constants in your Block or Control Statements for maximum modeling flexibility.

Easy queue control

GPSS/H makes it easy to model complex queueing methods. You won't have to do laborious programming in Fortran or C to get the flexibility you want.

Models easily driven by real-world data

You can read data directly into GPSS/H from an external file or from the keyboard. GPSS/H's built-in ASCII file I/O lets you change your data and perform experiments without altering the basic model.

Sophisticated internal tools

You can rely on GPSS/H's built-in algorithms to enhance the statistical integrity of your model during execution.

Standard or custom output

GPSS/H automatically provides basic simulation output data such as utilization and queueing statistics. You can also write custom-formatted text and data to a file or to the screen so you get exactly the information you want.

Versatile scripting language for conducting experiments

GPSS/H Control statements are so versatile that you can write small "programs" to perform an experiment. This method of experimental control is far more flexible than the rigid "experiment frame" approach used by other languages.