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Users from a variety of industries tell you what they like about GPSS/H...

"We chose GPSS/H because it provides the capability, flexibility, and control required to model the complex processes involved in providing health care services. Models can be developed in as much or as little detail as is appropriate to a specific project, such as designing a new surgery facility and related processes."

Meg Draeger, Management Engineer, Bethesda Hospital


"GPSS/H simulation is invaluable in identifying design and operational problems in our manufacturing systems before the problems become 'concrete and steel.' GPSS/H's flexible I/O capabilities allow easy access to production data stored anywhere from mainframe computer data bases to PC spreadsheets; and the creation of customized output reports and Proof Animation files."

Gordon Rehn, Senior Engineer, John Deere & Company


"GPSS/H is more than a simulation system: This powerful tool you can regard as a collection of 30 years experience in building well structured and fast running models in each application area of discrete event simulation."

Professor Dr. Peter Lorenz, Institute for Simulation and Graphics, Technical University, Magdeburg, Germany