Security Key License Checking

When Wolverine issues software updates to commercial products, eligibility to run updated software is almost always based on the license date of the security key that provides permission to run the software. If you apply a software update to which you're not entitled, every time you run the updated software, you will be harangued by a warning message.

For installed copies of SLX, P5, and P3D, you can obtain the license date by clicking on Help, About <product name>.  For installed copies of GPSS/H, you must download and run the License Checker utility.

The License Checker

To run the License Checker, you must have the Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.1 (SPI 7.6.1) or later installed on your machine.  If you have an outdated version of the Sentinel software, the License Checker probably will not be able to find your key.

Please read the following details very carefully:

1.  Running the License Checker does not apply any updates.  If the required drivers are not installed on your machine, the License Checker will simply fail.

2.  SPI 7.6.1 is not backward-compatible with earlier releases of the SPI.

3.  Wolverine issued a new baseline release of all its products on November 28, 2009.  The baseline release contains SPI 7.6.1.

4.  If you install the baseline release, the license dates on your key must be recent enough to permit the most recent updates of the products you wish to run.

5.  Product license date requirements are shown on the update pages for the respective products.

The above rules can give rise to a circular problem:

If your software is too old to run the License Checker, you must download the latest baseline release; however if you install the new baseline and your license dates are too old to qualify to run the updated software, you will receive warning messages every time you run the updated software.

As stated above, if you're running SLX, P54, or P3D, you don't really need to run the License Checker.

If you have any doubts before proceeding, please email Wolverine and supply the ID of the key in question.

To download and execute the License Checker, click here.