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  Proof Animation gives you features that make it easy to build great animations

Post-processed animation gives you efficient performance. Proof Animation is driven by a trace file produced by your simulation model. You don't have to re-run the underlying simulation every time you run the animation. This lets you harness the full power of your PC for animation. You can even run your simulation and animation on different machines.

Concurrent animation allows you to run an animation at the same time you run the model that drives the animation. A library version of Proof, packaged as a Windows Dynamic Link Library (DLL) makes this easy to do.

The open architecture of Proof Animation lets you animate models written in any software that can produce formatted ASCII files. Although we'd like to see you use Wolverine's GPSS/H or SLX for your simulations, Proof Animation also works easily with models written in Extend, SIMAN, SIMSCRIPT II.5, SLAM II, and other software.

Vector-based geometric descriptions provide a versatile working environment. Proof Animation's single continuous canvas lets you work with layouts that are much larger than an individual screen. You can pan, rotate, and zoom in and out on demand. Objects can be made to rotate (rather than slide) as they go around corners. This is in contrast to pixel-based animation packages which produce jagged edges on magnified images, do not allow you to rotate images, and often confine you to a single screen or a small number of separate screens.

Smooth motion portrays objects moving across the screen in a realistic manner. Everyone knows that forklifts are supposed to roll across the floor, not jump. Proof Animation achieves its smooth motion with 60-70 updates per second. Much other animation software can sustain refresh rates of only 2-10 updates per second.

The unlimited memory capability of Proof Professional allows power users to build huge models, move a high volume of objects, and portray complex operations.

PC-based portability allows you to run your animations on inexpensive, readily available PC hardware. You can use the optional Proof Animation Demo Maker to put completed animations on diskette and send them to as many people as you like.

CAD import/export allows you to import industry-standard .DXF CAD files into Proof and export Proof layouts to DXF files. This useful feature saves you the effort of drawing or re-drawing an entire layout.