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Product Families

There are two product families of Proof Animation.  P3D is our 3D animator family, and P5 is our 2D animator family.  Within the two families, the following products are available:

Proof Professional
Proof Professional is our commercial animator for those who work with large, complex animations.

Student Proof Animation
Student Proof Animation lets you work with the full features of Proof Animation - the only limitations are on animation size/complexity and playing time. It is included with the book Using Proof Animation. You can download Student Proof Animation for free from our Downloads page.

Run-time Proof
Run-time Proof provides an economical means of distributing an animation to third-party users. Run-Time Proof has unlimited presentation and playback capabilities, but lacks animation development tools. If you need to distribute "canned" animations that cannot be modified by third parties, you should use the free Proof Demo Maker and Demo Viewer, described below.

Proof Demo Maker
The Proof Demo Maker lets you package and distribute your animations to others - royalty-free.  There is no extra charge for the Demo Maker; it's built into all versions of Proof, including Student Proof.  Animations packaged using the Demo Maker can be viewed using a free copy of Student Proof any licensed commercial version of Proof. When viewing a demo, modification of an animation is prohibited, so once an animation has been packaged using the Demo Maker, it cannot be modified.

You can download the Demo Viewer from our Downloads page.

Proof Animation is easy to learn

Using Proof Animation

This unique learning tool is a complete tutorial and reference guide for Proof Animation. Each book includes a copy of Student Proof Animation software. The book is installed in the Wolverine\P5\doc folder in PDF form when the software is installed.

Product support -
we're there when you need us

We've designed Proof Animation to run without problems. Just in case you do have to email uswe're ready. Wolverine has technical support people who are happy to answer all your questions. Commercial Proof products include one free year of technical support.