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Getting Started With GPSS/H, Second Edition

By Jerry Banks, John Carson and John Sy.
©Wolverine Software Corporation, 1995.

Wire-bound paperback.
Includes Student GPSS/H software and examples on CD.

Runs on Windows 8, 7, and Vista.

Topics Covered

  • Basic GPSS/H Blocks and Control Statements
  • The GPSS/H Debugger
  • Waiting and Transit Time Statistics
  • Modeling Multiple, Parallel Servers
  • Routing a Transaction to a non-sequential Block
  • Ampervariables
  • Input/Output Capabilities
  • Transaction Parameters
  • Simulation Initialization and Multiple Runs
  • Repetitive and Conditional Control Statements
  • Random Numbers and GPSS/H Functions
  • Tabulating Sample Statistics
  • Matrix Savevalues
  • Other GPSS/H Features
  • Example Models and End-of-chapter Problems

Using Proof Animation, Third Edition

©Wolverine Software Corporation, 2002.
Available free-of-charge in PDF form in the Wolverine\P5\doc folder created during software installation.

Includes Student Proof Animation software and examples on CD.

Runs on Windows 8, 7, and Vista.

This book

Topics Covered

  • Overall Framework & Menu Commands
  • Input and Output File Formats
  • The Scalable Coordinate System
  • Running an Animation
  • Defining Named Views
  • Creating and Destroying Objects
  • Setting and Changing an Object's Color
  • Guided vs. Unguided Motion
  • Accumulating Paths
  • Generating Animation Input Using GPSS/H, SIMAN or SIMSCRIPT
  • Using Draw Mode
  • Creating Bar Graphs
  • Defining Object Classes
  • Defining Paths
  • Changing an Object's Shape
  • Rotating Objects
  • Adding Sound to Animation
  • Varying the Speeds of Objects on Paths
  • Fine Tuning the Color Palette
  • Using Proof Animation With CAD
  • Creating a Presentation

The GPSS/H Reference Manual...
indispensible for anyone working in GPSS/H

by James O. Henriksen and Robert C. Crain
© Wolverine Software Corporation, 1989 (Third Edition, revised 2004)
232 pages, 8 1/2 x 11", looseleaf.

Topics Covered

  • Transactions and Their Movement
  • How Blocks and Control Statements Interact
  • GPSS/H Entity Classes
  • Standard Numerical, Logical, Character Attributes
  • Model Format
  • Computational and Data Storage Capabilities
  • GPSS/H Macros
  • Random Number Generation
  • Detailed Syntax of Every Block
  • Detailed Syntax of Every Control Statement and Compiler Directive
  • Explanation of Output
  • Interactive Debugger Commands
  • Tips for Achieving Efficiency
  • Comparison with Other GPSS Implementations
  • Command Line Options

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