License Agreements

All updates are subject to the license agreements you agreed to when the software was originally installed.

Licensing/Update Policy

Effective September, 2004, Wolverine adopted a policy of charging for major software updates only. Prior to that time, major updates were supplied to non-academic customers only if they had an active annual service agreement. (We do not charge academic customers for updates.)

To determine license date(s) click here. If you're using a network-based security key, you must run the license-checking program on the machine on which the network key is installed.

If you download an update to which you are not entitled, the updated software will complain every time you run it. This can happen if and only if you ignore license dates displayed by the license date-checking program described in the previous paragraph.

How Our Updates Work

Downloads are designed to replace selected components of previously installed software. Furthermore, the downloads assume the existence of a standard Wolverine directory structure. You can override the root of this directory, but you cannot override any subdirectories. If you installed our products before the most recent baseline installation (see below), you should uninstall them and download and install the latest baseline installation before applying any updates.

Commercial Software Baseline Installations

Our software updates to commercial versions of our products are just that, updates to an existing installation.  The reason we post updates, rather than full installations is that full installations include security key drivers, Microsoft DirectX updates, and other things that should be already installed on your computer. However, roughly once a year, we may have to update some of the components mentioned above. When that happens, we post a new baseline installation procedure. This procedure went into effect in 2009.

Note that our Student/Demo downloads are always packaged as full installations, so this section does not apply to them.

You should download the baseline installation only when you must do a full installation, and your existing installation (or installation CD if you intend to install from a CD) predates the current baseline, because the download is quite large (>20 MB), and downloading it under normal circumstances accomplishes nothing.

Installing the Latest Baseline

Note: Those of you who run Avast Antivirus software may experience "Evo-Gen [Susp]" errors with the download below.  If you are using Avast, you should temporarily disable it, download the installation to a file, manually perform an Avast scan, and reenable Avast.  "Evo-Gen [Susp]" false positives are rampant on the Internet.  We have reported our problems to Avast.

The latest baseline installation is dated July 21, 2011.  To install it, perform the following steps:

1.  If you're replacing an earlier installation, under Add/Remove Programs, uninstall "Wolverine Software Products" and "Wolverine Student/Demo Software" if they are in the list of installed programs.

2.  Uninstall the Sentinel Protection Installer if it's in the list.

3.  Download and install the new baseline installation by clicking here.

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